ADS-ART: multi-camera video production

We are the pioneers in Sri Lanka and we have Broadcast SDI. We are proud to announce that we can broadcast live events with live computer graphics, titles and slow-motion on local channels and internet also. • We have covered events like The Colombo Night Races for the first time in Sri Lanka with collaboration with our client Carlton Sports Network, equipment and engineering provider for AdsArt. It was a major live event in Sri Lanka where we covered 2.2kms with Six Sub OB points link to Main OB. • We have covered lots of international conferences too. Some of them for webcast and others for live broadcast for local channels • Fashion shows and live musical shows are also among our expertise where we have broadcasted many events both indoor and outdoor

Colombo Night Races

American Foot ball


Boat Races



Carlton 7s, Milo Cup, Dialog Cup.....